2023/24 competition


Scores last updated 29.11.23

Julia Rugg120
Vivien Butler100
Ron Huggins90
Sue Archer (A)90
Gill Langford (A)90
Jan Buckingham (A)80
Gill Langford (B)80
Wayne Barr80
Chris Cobbett (B)80
David Downton70
Karen Bicknell ©70
Tessa Crowe65
Andy Chapman60
Sean Kelsey60
Lynn Croucher60
Sue Percival60
Steve Bicknell (B)60
Andy Tomkies (B)55
Jo Green (A)55
Pat Harding (A)55
Hugh Meyers50
Helen Pullin (A)50
Phil Tolley50
Jaime Hulme50
Jon Pike50
Jan Buckingham (B)50
Gill Gregory (A)50
Karen Bicknell (A)50
Hayley Hiscock50
Les Glaysher40
Norma Huggins40
Sophie Fooks40
Pete Williams40
Lucy Blackburn40
Gill Tolley40
Andy Tomkies (A)40
Gill Gregory ©40
Julie Walker (B)40
Eddie O’Gorman40
Jenny Chapman35
Maggie Brook35
Anna Edmonds30
Harry Ryall30
Dean Haynes30
Pat Harding ©30
Sarah Goring (A)25
Ruby Every (B)25
David Walker25
Howard Kingston25
Karen Bicknell (B)25
Ruby Every (A)20
David Wiltshire20
George Thornton20
Geoff Coombe15
Jack Lamont15
Sue Archer (B)15
Gill Gregory (B)15
Kim Barr15
Julie Walker (A)15
Richard Chapman10
Sarah Goring (B)10
Helen Pullin (B)10
Charles Foot10
Kyle James10
Gavin Pike10
Martyn Chapman10
Tracey Dixon10
Steve Bicknell ©10
Chris Cobbett (A)10
Tanya Kingston5
Connor Pullin0
Elliott Rugg0
Jo Green (B)0
Pat Harding (B)0
Steve Bicknell (A)0
Chris Rowley0
  • Two horses in your list must be aged 4 or under, then the other three can be any age
  • Entry fee is £15 – of which £5 will go to our chosen charity (Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance). There are no restrictions on the number of entries per person. Entry is open to all (Staff entry fee is £10)
  • Competition runs from October 1st 2023 – April 30th 2024. There is no closing date for entry but points won by a horse before an entry is made will not be included.
  • Scores will be available on the website, and will be updated regularly.
  • If a horse should leave the yard, it will continue to earn points.
  • There is a “transfer window” of January 1st 2024. You can exchange 1 horse up to or on January 1st. You retain the points of the horse you are swapping out up to the date of the change, and earn the points from the new horse from January 1st
  • Points will be earned as follows :
    • 15 points for a win
    • 10 points for 2nd place
    • 5 points for 3rd place
    • Points are doubled for a Grade 1, 2 or 3 race, or a Listed Race
    • Points are doubled for a Handicap race worth over £20,000
  • Prizes will be a proportion of the pot :
    • 1st . . . . 60%
    • 2nd . . . . 30%
    • 3rd . . . . 10%
    • Last place . . . . stake returned !

Please email your 5 chosen horses to Sophie at office@ajhoneyballracing.co.uk along with your name, postal address and contact number (click here for a copy of the entry form)

Bank details for the £15 BACS transfer are to

A J Honeyball 52 Follow : Sort Code 60.80.06  /  Account Number 60064528