5-2-Follow results!

5 – 2 Follow 2020/21


I am delighted to report that we have had a record breaking number of entries for our 5-2-Follow competition this year which means we have raised a brilliant £680 for the Air Ambulance. Well done to all of you who took part and as with all competitions there are winners to be announced.


In 1st Place is Rhonda Smith of the Wessex Racing Club with her B entry of Coquelicot, Belle de Manech, Regal Encore, Sully D’Oc AA and Acey Milan getting 205 points and not to be satisfied with that Rhonda also takes second place with her A entry of Coquelicot, Belle de Manech, Sully D’Oc AA, Kid Commando and Lily The Pink attaining 195 points!  – CONGRATULATIONS to Rhonda who with first and second prize combined wins £1133.50.


Congratulations also to the 3rd prize winner Tony Roberts who scored 180 points with his C entry and wins £125.75 – his selections were Regal Encore, Gustavian, Wagner, Coquelicot and Ucanaver.

To make this year even more special both Tony and Rhonda have donated some of their prize winnings to the team at Honeyballs and to The air ambulance! Bringing the total going to @dsairambulance to £930!!!

Finally, the wooden spoon is a tie between 3 people! Helen Edwards, Sophie Smithurst and Ian Dickson who each receive their mentrance fee back.


For a full list of the results please visit https://ajhoneyballracing.co.uk/news/5-2-follow/ to find out more.


Thank you to everyone who took part and we look forward to doing it again next season – although we might have to give Rhonda a handicap mark!

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